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Our Story

Working for the last 20 years as a goldsmith-bench jeweler in our family jewelry business, it was time for something different. Sharing a retail space with Carlyn and Company in downtown Grand Haven, has given me a great opportunity. I now create unusual organic pieces that have not been very receptive in typical jewelry stores. However, there is a great demand for such unique pieces of exotic gemstones and handcrafted jewelry that I decided to share Peg Head with the world.

There are so many exotic gemstones out there that are truly beautiful... Natural works of art! I've been excited to include these stones into my designs and vintage pieces.

Some other artists are also included inside the Peg Head collections. Such as Fred Conlin of Utah with his metal sculptures. Ron Harris of Michigan with his "Spirit Fish" pieces. Mark Poulin, Sketch & Zodiac jewelry.

We hope that you stop in and see us today or visit our Facebook page and send us an email.

- Staci


Reticulating and forging metals has probably been my latest obsession along with of course druzy. Some of the gemstones I've been utilizing are chalcedony druzy, chrysocolla druzy, cobalto calcite, uvarovite, diopside, agate geodes, Australian boulder opals, Mexican fire opals and charoite.

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